In accordance with the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), a list of federally funded highway and transit improvement projects has been compiled and made available for the public. The list may also be obtained at the Texas Department of Transportation, Laredo District Office, 1817 Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo, Texas via the Internet at

. For further information, please contact Melisa Montemayor at the Texas Department of Transportation District Office at (956) 712-7400.


CSJ Number: 0038-01-033 Cost: $16,693,663

Roadway: US 83 Let Date: 09/2005

Location: SH 359/Cortez Inter. to Chacon Creek Bridge

Work Type: Realign and Grade Separate Intersection


CSJ Number: 0086-01-046 Cost: $12,882,872

Roadway: SH 359 Let Date: 09/2005

Location: TX MX rail line to W of Smith St.

Work Type: Realign Intersection


CSJ Number: 0922-33-094 Cost: $1,750,000

Roadway: VA Let Date: 03/2006

Location: Various Locations

Work Type: Upgrade ITS and traffic signals


CSJ Number: 0086-14-022 Cost: $19,208,213

Roadway: LP 20 Let Date: 06/2006

Location: S of Spur 400 to N of US 59

Work Type: Construction of an Interchange


CSJ Number: 0922-33-101 Cost: $170,000

Roadway: CS Let Date: 05/2006

Location: Calton Rd in Laredo

Work Type: Installation of Rail Road Signals


CSJ Number: 0038-01-049 Cost: $1,168,736

Roadway: US 83 Let Date: 05/2006

Location: Chacon Creek bridge and Palo Blanco St

Work Type: Installation of raised median