About the Laredo MPO


With the passing of the Federal Highway Act of 1962, Congress made urban transportation planning a condition for receipt of federal funds for highway projects in urban areas with a population of 50,000 or more.  This new legislation encouraged a continuing, comprehensive transportation planning process carried on cooperatively by the states and local communities.  Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) were designated by the governor in each state to carry out this legislative requirement.  As a result the Laredo Urban Transportation Study was created as the MPO, to provide for a continuing, comprehensive transportation planning process for the Laredo urbanized area as mandated by the Act (2005-2030 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, 2004).


The Laredo MPO derives its authority from Title 23, United States Code 134.  The MPO is governed by a Policy Committee established in accordance with by-laws adopted June, 1994 and revised in June 1997 and June 2000.  It is the Policy Committee’s responsibility to review and make decisions regarding the transportation planning efforts in the Laredo metropolitan area.  Transportation planning activities are undertaken by the planning staff of LUTS (acting as the MPO) and by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).  The Committee is chaired by the Mayor of the City of Laredo and includes as voting members: the mayor, three Laredo City Council persons, the Webb County Judge, two County Commissioners, the TxDOT Laredo District Engineer, and the Director of the Transportation Planning Department.  Ex-officio, non-voting members include the State Senator for District 21, State Representative for District 42 and State Representative for District 31 (2005-2030 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, 2004).


The MPO Technical Review Committee is comprised of twenty two members who represent the City of Laredo, Webb County, Area Agencies, the State, through the Texas Department of Transportation, FHWA, the school system, and the private sector.